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QUANTUM – Andrew Mutton


Andrew Mutton

Opening Night: Thursday 19 May, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition runs Thursday to Monday, 11am – 6pm until 30 May

Andrew Mutton about QUANTUM:
“Quantum – ‘A Balance of Energies’ – is the description for the minimum value of a physical property involved in an interaction.

As a lighting and stage designer, I have been on a journey through the light producing industry for the entertainment world for 30 years; through rock and roll, theatre, television, film, commercials, corporate events, dance festivals, architectural lighting and art installation, I have developed a unique craft of lighting practice.

When producing a lighting design for a stage performance, I am entrusted with choreographing beams of light to enhance a show. Whilst using ever-changing technologies and with constant study of light production, I produce light that enhances the emotions of a given performance.

In this body of work I am portraying the performance of energy. Some of the work will show you a balance between energy and character, where other pieces display the discharge or assimilation of raw and random quanta.

Anything that produces energy will attempt to find a balance for its own discrete production. When I work with light to enhance a performance I notice that it has become a visual accepted phenomenon, but it is never really questioned by the observer as to why a beam of light shinning from above and connecting with a subject is a believable occurrence.

Can we accept that enhancement with light for performance is a simpler representation of what we understand about ourselves, that personal energy should be crafted and designed, even if it is just emanating from ourselves?”

Don’t miss this unique exhibition, we look forward to welcoming you!

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