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'Many of Faith' by Anne King

Anne King about ‘Man of Faith’

‘Man of Faith’ – Anne King

I took a photo of a powerful and arrogant man in Rajasthan, surveying the village as though he owned it. When I came to draw him, he developed a life of his own and strangely became more like the man I wanted him to be.   As I worked on his face and added the lines that gave him so much character, he developed a wise and spiritual look which lead me to call him ‘Man of Faith’. I collaged some beautiful Indian papers to the canvas, and added the Om symbol, representing the soul and divine truth. The building is a fragment of a magnificent Jain temple made entirely of marble.   Pieces of Hindu text symbolise knowledge, and I also added some rupees, as survival is a constant battle for the people there.

‘Man of Faith’
Ink and collage, 102 x 91cm

‘Man of Faith’ is on display at Pumpkin Lane Gallery until 6 September 2015

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